What is art psychotherapy?

Art therapy uses the healing power of image making to help people who are suffering emotional distress, or need support to understand their thoughts, feelings or behaviour. The power of the imagination can be harnessed to unlock potential, shift harmful patterns of behaviour, and explore new ways of being.

Art materials are used as a way to help communicate feelings. You do not have to use the materials: sometimes you can just talk. You don’t need to be good at art, or to be able to draw, and art skills are not taught.

Who can art psychotherapy help?

  • Those in crisis
  • Those needing help to cope in difficult times
  • People suffering from depression
  • Those experiencing bereavement
  • People with a variety of mental health problems
  • Those looking for a deepening understanding of themselves

It is helpful if you have an ability to reflect, and the beginnings of a desire to change.